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a passionate song, an old age, a happy start, a new year.on the afternoon of 24th,january  2019, hangzhou zhengda medical co., ltd. held a grand welcome party for “summary 2018 outlook 2019”. the company's chairman, company executives and all staff gathered together for a party.

in the annual meeting, the chairman of the board of directors gave a detailed summary of the achievements and honors achieved by zhengda in 2018, and elaborated on the development plan of zhengda in 2019.immediately after the speech: all employees in 2018 were affirmed and expressed their gratitude, while looking forward to the future prospects.

in the past year, the company's performance has grown by leaps and bounds, the number of employees has grown rapidly, business and products have gradually increased, and specialized teams are gradually taking shape. every bit of it is inseparable from the management team and all employees. said that 2018 is an extraordinary year.

exciting entertainment, game links, leadership and employee real-time interaction, so that applause and cheers are on the scene from time to time, the participants are all happy, nervous and uplifting.

the annual meeting is coming to an end in laughter and laughter. with a 《goodbye that can't be told》, every zhengda people is infected. in 2018, we laughed, cried, harvested and lost;in the face of 2019, we are full of enthusiasm, passion and dreams. we have better products waiting for us to develop. the bigger market is waiting for us to conquer. more spectacular careers are waiting for us to write!let us swagger and use confidence and courage to witness the more splendid 2019!