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in order to promote exchanges between different departments of the company, enhance employees friendship, enrich employees' spare time, and enjoy the fun of group activities in the tense and busy work, on june 15th, the company held barbecue activities in the elegant qingqing valley, which received excellent feedback from colleagues of various departments.

it was very enjoyable , intimate and cheerful to eat the various foods baked by ourselves and chatted about all kinds of interesting things we encountered in our work and life. the activity lasted until 14:30, and the food was almost "ransacked" by everyone. the whole activity atmosphere was very active.

this barbecue event aims to enrich the lives of employees and let everyone enjoy a relaxed mood after tense work. through this event, not only has the relationship between the employees been enhanced, but more importantly, it has enhanced the company's cohesiveness, demonstrated the team spirit of friendship and mutual assistance, gained health and happiness, and added color to our work and life.