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between oct23th—26th, 2014, chinainternational medicinal equipment fair (cmef), held in chongqin china.founded in 1979, cmef is held twice a year - spring and autumn. after 30 yearsof continuous innovation and self-improvement, cmef has become the largestexhibition of medical equipment, related products and services in theasia-pacific region. the exhibition widely covers ten thousands of productssuch as medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis, electronics, optics, first aid, rehabilitationnursing, medical information technology and outsourcing services, and itprovides services to the entire medical industry chain from the source to theend of the medical equipment industry in a direct and all-round way.

hangzhou zhengda medical co., ltd. as the leader in the fieldof medical equipment and medical rehabilitation is committed to research and developingfor more than 20 years. with a wide range of innovative technologies, newproducts, and main products, we actively participate in this major event, sendingengineers, technical consultants and sales professionals, translators totaleight participants. an area of ​​30 square metersof exhibition booths exhibit our main products: upper cpm, lower limb cpm, ats,cts, and medical drill and saw series, a total of 33 various types of productswhich were shining in 2014 autumn exhibition.

four days expo, our products on display due to its advancedtechnology, perfect appearance and industry-leader position attracted lots ofclients. during the expo, mr yang hongcheng, chairman of zhengda medical co.,ltd met ms jiang xiaoli, and mr. zhang hanwen, who are separately the directorand secretary of zhejiang medical co., ltd, which is the leading company inmedical equipment field on behalf of zhejiang province. on the expo, wereceived more than 500 clients, and distribute thousands of our brochures;meanwhile, our products on display have been sold out just in 3days. our clientssuch as sales company, medical institution, and other enterprises show veryinterest in our products and most of them intend to offer orders on expo. for everyclient we make very detailed remarks and provide first-rate service to meet anyrequires and needs

on 26th, oct, the expo successfully ends, ourproducts become the most famous and winner on the expo, we here want to thankfor all our clients support, and we will continue to make much morecontribution to medical equipment and rehabilitation field.